Passed at EGM 18/03/2015

  1. NAME

The organization shall be known as THE ASSOCIATION FOR MEDICAL HUMANITIES (AMH)


The AMH is a Learned Society based in the UK promoting the development of the medical and health humanities through: an annual conference, council meetings, regional meetings, an associated biannual journal (Medical Humanities) and a website (


The AMH promotes understandings of both the human condition and health care through critical dialogues between medicine, healthcare, the arts and humanities.

  1. AIM

To add significant value to the interdisciplinary field of the medical/ health humanities locally, nationally and internationally.


The Aim will be achieved through:

  1. Holding regular council meetings, including an AGM.
  2. Running annual conferences.

iii. Running regional events.

  1. Maintaining and developing a website.
  2. Close association with the BMJ group’s journal Medical Humanities.
  3. Developing collaborations with national and international partners.

vii. Lobbying appropriate decision-making and funding bodies.


Membership is annual from the 1st July, individual, and for those who attend the annual conference will be included in the fees. Costs of membership will be agreed by the council and reviewed annually.

  2. The officers of the AMH are: (a) president; (b) vice president; (c) secretary; (d) membership secretary and (e) treasurer. Only one office may be held at any one time.
  3. Officers are normally appointed at the AGM.

iii. Term of office is normally for three years and officers shall not be eligible for immediate re-election into that position for one year although they can be re-elected as a general council member if a position is available. The succeeding president may not come from the same institution as his or her predecessor.

  1. When a term of office expires, the secretary shall seek nominations for the post from AMH members during the AGM, to be seconded and elected by majority vote.
  2. If any officer is unable to continue in office, for whatever reason, the council shall appoint one of its members to complete the term of office until the next AGM.
  2. Council members will normally serve for three years and are eligible for re-election for a further three years. Where a council member is promoted to officer these terms shall run concurrently.
  3. The council shall consist of the following: (a) the officers; (b) the editor or representative of Medical Humanities; (c) the international member (ex officio, invited by the council); (d) six other elected members. Six elected members shall form a quorum at a meeting. The president, who shall have a casting vote, chairs the council meetings. In the absence of the president, the council shall appoint one of its members, normally an officer, to take the chair for the duration of that meeting, who shall also have a casting vote. One of the elected members shall represent international interests. It is understood that this member may only be able to attend the AGM in person and not other council meetings.

iii. Every effort shall be made to ensure representation of medical humanities across academic interests and regions. The council shall have the right to co-opt additional members as they see fit.

iii. Engagement with council meetings is encouraged by attendance or through proxy report.


The finances of the AMH shall be administered by the treasurer and held in a bank account as approved by council. The financial year of the AMH shall run from 1 January to 31 December and the treasurer shall produce accounts to the following AGM.

  2. The AGM shall normally be held at the time of the annual conference. All AMH members in good standing shall be entitled to attend and vote. The president shall chair the AGM and have acting vote as necessary. The quorum of an AGM shall be eight members.
  3. The AGM shall conduct the following business:

(a) receive the annual report of the secretary (which shall cover the activities and work of the council and the AMH as a whole since the last AGM);

(b) receive the annual report of the treasurer;

(c) determine the subscription of the AMH;

(d) elect the officers and council (in accordance with Sections 4.2 and 5.2); and

(e) conduct any other business as determined by the council or on request of AMH members.


The secretary can convene an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) at the request of the council or upon the written request of any member of the AMH with a month’s notice of business and location. All individual members in good standing are entitled to attend and vote. An EGM shall be presided over by the president, who shall have a casting vote as necessary. The quorum of an EGM shall be eight members.


The constitution may only be amended at a regular AGM or an EGM especially convened for this purpose. Proposals to amend the constitution shall be made to the council, seconded by two other individual members. All amendments to the constitution shall be adopted if carried by two-thirds of those present and voting at the AGM or EGM.

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AMH Constitution


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