Mission statement

The objects of the AMH are to provide a forum for interdisciplinary thinking in the field of the medical/ health humanities locally, nationally and internationally; to add significant value to the field of medical/ health humanities; and to promote and support application of medical and health humanities in healthcare,
in healthcare education and in society at large.

In pursuit of these objects the AMH undertakes a wide range of activities.

  • Hosting an annual conference appealing to an international audience and attracting delegates from both healthcare and humanities disciplines.
  • Hosting one-day seminars and workshops.
  • Encouraging and supporting medical and health practitioners and students to engage actively with the arts and humanities in their professional roles and practice, researching and disseminating the outcomes to progress and develop the field.
  • Providing guidance on running educational events and some support material.
  • Maintaining an informative and interactive website
  • Supporting medical schools to develop student Medical Humanities Associations.
  • Creating a medical humanities network and other collaborations with national and international partners.
  • Lobbying decision-making and funding bodies to support medical humanities.