Mission statement

The Association for Medical Humanities (AMH): Medical and Health Humanities in Practice.

Aims and Mission Statement


The AMH is a Learned Society based in the UK promoting the development of the medical and health humanities through: an annual conference, council meetings, regional meetings, an associated journal (Medical Humanities) and a website (amh.ac.uk). It welcomes members from a broad range of disciplines and practices within medicine, healthcare, the arts and humanities.


The AMH promotes understandings of both the human condition and healthcare through critical dialogues between science, medicine, healthcare, the arts and humanities so that the social, political, cultural and ethical aspects of health are viewed in context.

The AMH provides a network and forum for interdisciplinary thinking in the field of the medical and health humanities locally, nationally and internationally with the intention of improving health, well-being and patient care.


  • To provide an annual conference and other fora for the interdisciplinary cultures of medical/health humanities nationally and internationally
  • To encourage and support practitioners, medical and health students to engage actively with the arts and humanities in their professional roles and practice, researching and disseminating the outcomes to progress and develop the field
  • To run Council meetings, including an AGM, according to the published Constitution.
  • To run stimulating and profitable annual conferences
  • To run an informative and interactive website
  • To align with the BMJ group journal Medical Humanities and to create strategic links with for AMH outputs.
  • To create a network and develop collaborations with national and international partners.
  • To lobby decision-making and funding bodies.



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