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Keynote and workshop presentations:

There will also be a parallel art exhibition in the Gallery at Dartington curated by David Cotterrell featuring new work by Sue Bleakley and David Cotterrell. Martin O’Brien will hold a one-off performance on Wednesday 24th June at 6pm that will be filmed. The video will then be installed in the gallery as a third piece of work.The format of the keynote and some workshop presentations at the AMH 2015 Dartington conference is critical dialogue between pairs of clinicians and artists around the theme of ‘risk and regulation’ (to include issues such as ‘entertaining the abject’, ‘creative and destructive addiction’, ‘deliberate and accidental harm’ and ‘faulty equipment’). Dialogues will treat both medicine and art as performance.  After the Dartington AMH conference, the critical dialogues can be continued to a cut-off date with final work to be presented at a future conference and related exhibition at Falmouth University in collaboration with the Newlyn Gallery and Exchange, Penzance or the Tate St Ives. The dialogues include a transatlantic element to embrace a developing connection between AMH UK and Creating Space in Canada. The opening keynote will frame the focus of the conference, considering lives lived in extremity, through a collaborative presentation/ performance by Al Lingis and Adrian Heathfield based on Adrian’s 2013 film about Alphonso Lingis Transfigured Night

Vimeo trailer

Trailer | Transfigured Night: a conversation with Alphonso Lingis from Adrian Heathfield on Vimeo.

Alphonso Lingis is a celebrated philosopher, ethnographer and photographer, whose many books include Excesses, Abuses and Dangerous Emotions – the titles themselves indicating the liminal territory that Lingis seeks to explore. Adrian Heathfield is one of the foremost theorists and curators of contemporary art practices, particularly performance ( Other keynotes include performance artist and academic Kira O’Reilly paired with doctor and writer Vincent Lam (Toronto); performance artist Suzy Willson (Clod Ensemble) with psychiatrist Allan Peterkin (Toronto); and surgeon Roger Kneebone with visual artist David Cotterrell. Aaron Williamson, Martin O’Brien, Laura Dannequin (‘Hardy Animal’) and Emily Underwood-Lee (‘Titillation’) will present solo performances/ dance. Watch this space for final information on the programme.

The conference is a collaboration between AMH and Creating Space (Canada)

The exhibition will open on 24th June and run for one month.

A bookshop stall will be available throughout the conference.