Student Forum

We actively encourage medical and other students of health -allied disciplines to contribute to this forum. If you would like to submit please first send either to or

We broadly categorise submissions into:

  • The Visual Arts Includes  sculpture , artwork, photographs, film recommendations or the architecture of therapeutic buildings.
  • Literary Includes  fiction  , poetry, drama ,blogs
  • Music popular, classical, opera ,
  • History  Comparing then and now . What are the similarities and differences ? Are we making the same errors , encountering  similar challenges ?  Explanations on  why services are configured in the way they are, the impediments to medical progress etc..
  • Miscellaneous eg Social sciences, medical ethics, philosophy ,anthropology etc..

Please send a brief explanation[ no greater than 200 words]  of why you  think others will benefit from   your submission .This maybe because it is a book, poem or painting  that has emotionally touched you by portraying  the experience of, for example, the process of being treated for a life threatening condition or living with a disability. It may be because it has gifted you a perspective that you had never imagined. Or that it has given you personal support, a place of refuge when dealing with the stresses of professional life. It may challenge your beliefs, leave you changed or help to reconnect you with the human race .

Alternatively you may want to send in examples of how the humanities  can help patients and their families regain agency or process loss  , such as someone playing a piano in a large hospital foyer, art work in the outpatients clinic, clowns on children wards , good architectural planning to make  healthcare buildings welcoming .








Cama R . 2009 Evidenced Based Health Care Design  J. Wiley

as opposed to bleak :













Photos by L Lovett  of Harplands Hospital ,Psychiatric ward

We do not want long projects that you have done for Special Student Modules in the Medical Humanities but quickly transmitted ideas and sign posting to activate emotion, imagination and reflection in your fellow travellers.