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Free Christmas Stocking Event: BOOKS
Thursday 16th December from 7.30-9.00pm

Dr Lisetta Lovett, Professor Zoë Playdon and Dr Deborah Padfield
in conversation on their latest publications:
Casanova’s Guide to Medicine, The Hidden Case of Ewan Forbes and Encountering Pain.

16th December 2021 (starts 7.30pm GMT)
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Grab a cuppa and cosy up for a fascinating hour and half of discussion with current and
former council members as they discuss their latest books. Please sign in before the start.
Professor Zoe Playdon in conversation with Dr Lisetta Lovett and Dr Deborah Padfield

Just out, Zoë Playdon’s book, The Hidden Case of Ewan Forbes is the Bookseller’s Non-fiction Book of the Month and has garnered praise as ‘a remarkable story: part legal mystery, part courtroom drama, part family drama, driven by class, sex and money’ – The Times and as ‘admirable historical research . . . compellingly told’ – Times Literary Supplement and ‘One of the most important pieces of investigative journalism ever written about trans people’ – The i.

“Few people know that until the 1960s, trans people self-identified, received affirmative medical care, corrected their birth certificates and lived in complete equality. The hidden case of aristocratic trans man Ewan Forbes changed that in a court case that was considered so threatening the media was gagged, those involved sworn to secrecy, and all records of it concealed for decades”.

Lisetta Lovett’s book Casanova’s Guide to Medicine presents an entertaining jargon free overview of patient experience and medical practice during the eighteenth century. With extensive research into the insights into diseases and treatments of his era, it is written by a retired consultant psychiatrist and expert in the history of medicine to especially appeal to the curious layman interested in history. Casanova’s stories are often amusing, sometimes morally challenging or upsetting but always memorable.
Expect to be entertained.

“Giacomo Casanova’s (1725-1798) reputation as libertine has sadly eclipsed his talents as scholar, linguist, prolific writer and manqué doctor. Fortunately for us, he wrote his memoirs at the end of his life on the advice of his doctor to control his propensity to depression. Although these often have been harvested for information on political, cultural and social aspects of his time, the insights they give about medical practice and the lived experiences of illness have been largely neglected”.

Deborah Padfield’s book, Encountering Pain: Seeing, Hearing, Speaking came out earlier this year.

A thoughtful and thought-provoking text on the subject of chronic pain, and it makes a meaningful contribution to discourse in the medical humanities. Most importantly, it invites further research into strategies for integrating medicine and the arts for the benefit of patients and clinicians alike. Medical Humanities (BMJ, IME) blog

What is persistent pain? How do we communicate pain, not only in words but in visual images and gesture? How do we respond to the pain of another, and can we do it better? Can explaining how pain works help us handle it? This unique compilation of voices addresses these and bigger questions.


Christmas Stocking Event: BOOKS, 16th December 2021 (starts 7.30pm GMT)
Professor Zoe Playdon in conversation with Dr Lisetta Lovett and Deborah Padfield
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