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Would you like to be more active in your association?

Please look at the job descriptions below for further information.

Job Description for Vice President

As the Vice President for AMHH, you will provide strategic leadership to promote the Association’s mission and vision under the direction of the President. As a key figure in the Association, you will foster a spirit of unity and progress among members, encourage engagement, drive initiatives and be an ambassador for the Association in the Medical Humanities and Healthcare community. Playing a key role in shaping the future of the Association, this role will hold a monumental influence in the field of Medical Humanities and Healthcare. If you strongly resonate with the Association’s mission and have the appropriate qualifications and skills, we would be delighted to consider you for this position.

Primary Responsibilities:

1. Assist the President in developing and implementing strategic plans to advance the Association’s mission and objectives.
2. In the President’s absence, assume all responsibilities and perform all duties of the President.
3. Provide leadership to establish and drive the Association’s goals, policies, and operations.
4. Collaborate with the leadership team to plan and execute engaging events, workshops, and conferences.
5. Work closely with all relevant personnel for membership recruitment and retention, aiming for constant growth and engagement.
6. Represent the Association publicly, including speaking engagements, meetings with key stakeholders, and interactions with the media.
7. Analyze and interpret trends in the field of Medical Humanities and Healthcare and recommend necessary actions.
8. Regularly communicate with Association members, keeping them up-to-date with Association’s activities, and ensuring member satisfaction.

The Vice President reports to the President in the first place and to the Council via quarterly formal written reports.

All members’ details are confidential to the Membership Secretary and the Website Manager and may not be disclosed to any other third party, including other AMH Officers.

Job Description for Treasurer

The Treasurer plays a fundamental role in the financial prosperity and regulatory compliance of AMH, a registered charity. Managing the finances for this organisation is central to realising AMH’s strategies for leadership and management development

The Treasurer reports to President in the first instance and to the Council via quarterly informal reports. They also report via a formal written report to the Charities Commission annually and present the accounts to the membership at the AGM.

The Treasurer is required to achieve the following targets:
1. Financial Oversight: Develop and implement robust financial management policies and procedures. Monitor the organization’s revenues and expenses to ensure its financial health.
2. Budgeting: Construct detailed annual budgets in cooperation with relevant departments. Review and update these budgets periodically to account for any changes in the organization’s financial situation or goals.
3. Financial Reporting: Provide frequent, accurate, and detailed financial reports to the President, the Council, and other stakeholders. Facilitate understanding of the organization’s financial status and progress towards its goals.
4. External Auditing: Organize and facilitate the annual external auditing process. Ensure that auditors receive all necessary information, and implement any recommendations they may have.
5. Compliance: Ensure the organization fulfils all fiscal reporting responsibilities required by law, including submitting annual reports to the Charities Commission, and ensure compliance with any relevant financial regulations.
6. Investment and Fund Management: Oversee the organization’s investment activities and fund management to optimize returns, while also adhering to the organization’s financial policies and risk tolerance.
7. Financial Planning: Develop long-term financial plans that support the organization’s strategic plans and objectives.
These objectives can, of course, be adjusted according to the specific needs of AHM.

All members’ details are confidential to the Membership Secretary and the Website Manager and may not be disclosed to any other third party, including other AMH Officers.

Job Description for Student Representative

Position Summary:
The Student Representative serves as the liaison between the Association and the student community within the Medical Humanities and Healthcare fields. They are responsible for voicing student perspectives, concerns, and needs within the Association, enhancing the experiences of students within the AMHH, and encouraging active student involvement.

Primary Responsibilities:
1. Represent the perspective, needs, and concerns of students at AMHH meetings and discussions.
2. Communicate relevant information about AMHH initiatives, events, and opportunities to the student community.
3. Advocate for student issues and collaborate on solutions within the Association.
4. Collaborate with the broader AMHH team to develop and implement student-focused initiatives and programs.
5. Create, support, and promote opportunities for student engagement within the AMHH.
6. Attend and actively participate in regular Association meetings, bringing a student-focused perspective to decision-making.
7. Assist in organizing student-oriented events and workshops, including promotion and on-site assistance.

As a Student Representative, you will play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between the Association and the student community, fostering a more inclusive and engaging environment. If you are passionate about student affairs, community building, and are eagerly looking for a space to use these skills within a professional, healthcare-oriented setting, we encourage you to apply.



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