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What medicine can learn from Savile Row – a creative dialogue

Surgeon, GP and Academic Prof Roger Kneebone (Imperial) returns to St George’s in conversation with Savile Row Tailor, Joshua Byrne.  
Date: 22nd November   
Time: 5.30 – 7pm – online  

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Roger Kneebone (a clinician and academic) and Joshua Byrne (a bespoke tailor) will discuss the concept of ‘bespoke’, examining what it means for their respective worlds. They will describe how their conversations over many years have widened from an initial focus on dexterity and sewing to disclosing unexpected parallels in their approaches to professional work, and a shared understanding of what it means to become expert. 
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Roger’s book Expert: Understanding the Path to Mastery was published by Penguin Viking in 2020 and in Penguin Paperback in August 2021

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