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The Association for Medical Humanities (AMH) changed its name to the Association for Medical and Healthcare Humanities (AMHH) at the end of 2022, after many years of strengthening the relationship between a medical worldview and the humanities, to become a more diverse and inclusive organisation. With an emphasis on a more diverse and inclusive perspective, the AMHH expects to lead the debate that medical sciences would benefit from more integration of cultural, psycho-social, artistic, political, and economic aspects to enrich its worldview on health, disease-illness and care. It also assumes that integrating these aspects will help better understand the daily world of all stakeholders (clinicians, patients, practitioners, students and academics). Finally, it imagines that this perspective will continue demonstrating how humanities benefit and enrich the worldview that good healthcare needs more than medicine.  Thus, AMHH is launching a series of events in 2023 to debate and explore these stimulating changes with audiences.  The panel outlined below will be the first of these events.

Date: Tuesday 28th of February 2023


7: 00- 7:10 pm Introduction –Radha Bhat & Carlos Moreno-Leguizamon – AMHH Council Members
7:10 -7:30 pm Keynote guest Leonor Zalabata, an Indigenous woman from the Arhuaco Community in Colombia, South America, and the first indigenous woman to represent Colombia as a United Nations Ambassador in New York.  Leonor will talk briefly about healthcare and indigenous medicine in her community.


7:40 – 7:50 pm Panellist 1: Radha Bhat, AMHH Council member, will talk about her professional practice with the NHS to introduce us to some of the current narratives of the media and the political system that portray the serious structural problems of the healthcare system as just a banal issue of doctors, GPs and other health professionals and facilities not delivering healthcare.


7:50 – 8:00 pm Panellist 2:  Ana María Medina Ch., Public Health Specialist, Anthropologist and Researcher, Aging Institute, Universidad Javeriana, Bogota Colombia. Ana Maria will outline her professional practice to introduce us to the complexities and nuances of the Colombian healthcare system that differs from the NHS, using palliative care as an example
8:00: – 8:10 pm Panellists will respond to the question: when and how do you find yourselves going beyond the medical worldview if that is the case? 5 minutes for each one.
8:15 – 8:25 pm Open discussion and exploration on whether, when and how we all go beyond a medical worldview when providing healthcare.
8:25 – 8:30 pm Closing and thanks

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