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Digital Storytelling for the Health
June 17th – 19th 2021
The Waterfront Museum, Swansea

We are looking for up to 30 people – practitioners and thinkers to join us for two days of conversation in Swansea in June 2021 – everyone who comes to the gathering will be a presenter and the sessions will be filmed to create an online event for a wider community in the Autumn.

To further improve the UK health service through the development of digital storytelling

Bring key practitioners together
Present sessions which stimulate new insights and thinking
Provide time for conversations on and off stage
Create film resources to continue building the community of practitioners on line following the gathering
Involve policy makers, funders and influencers in the conversation

Would you like to be one of the 30 people at the gathering?
Are you a clinician who has changed their practice as a result of a digital story, a patient who has told a story, a digital storyteller working in health, someone who commissions digital storytelling in the health service or a thinker who has ideas and insights to share?

Do you have something to say about ethics, narrative form, aesthetics, how stories have led to quality improvements, what the emotional impact on the teller was, what the pitfalls were or are you developing or evaluating the practice in new ways?

We are interested in facilitating conversations about every aspect of the digital storytelling practice that is developing across the NHS in the UK. What works and what doesn’t work….

If you have a topic related to digital storytelling in health that you would like to present either as a standalone provocation, a performance or as an on stage conversation with someone else then please complete the form which is available at
Closing date February 22nd 2021

We are looking forward to hearing from you
Prue, Emily & Lesley

The gathering will start on the evening of Thursday June 17th and continue to the afternoon of Saturday June 19th.
There will be no charge for attending but you must be able to commit to the whole event to qualify for one of the 30 places. Meals will be provided but attendees will need to fund their own accommodation and travel.

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