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Expressions of Medical Creativity – Employee Wellbeing in Healthcare
Expressions of Medical Creativity is an event for healthcare professionals with an interest in wellbeing and medical humanities.

A one day gathering for doctors, healthcare practitioners and managers looking to explore how creativity and the arts can help promote wellbeing at work in healthcare and medicine.

Working lives are pressured. We hope to create a unique experience – a meeting for cultural enthusiasts, the curious, and those yet to be convinced they are creative at all. Time to find out how creativity can improve self-expression and embrace individuality.

A blend of inward reflection on self-care, mental health and burnout via the medical humanities, with appreciation of award winning contemporary arts. Expressions of Medical Creativity will include time to visit the Turner Prize 2019 exhibition at the Turner Contemporary gallery.

We’ve made an experience which we hope will rejuvenate and inspire, allowing ideas around wellbeing, positivity and fun in the workplace to flourish

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Speakers: Dr Stephanie de Giorgio, GP. Dr Esther Murray, Health Psychologist. Amy Wilson, Neurosciences Researcher. Dr Heidi Edmundson, Emergency Medicine Consultant. Dr Jo Talbot-Bowen, Consultant Psychotherapist. Dr Louise Younie, GP. Dr Hugh Grant Peterkin, Consultant Psychiatrist, Older Adult Liaison.

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