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This special event
will gather the energy of researchers and practitioners in the field of social singing, health and well-being. Social singing is a common research interest across many faculty at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance with international resonances across health, education and community contexts. This seminar will concentrate energy and pool knowledge regarding the health and well-being benefits of social singing, from the perspectives of music therapy, community music, voice studies, traditional song, social justice and more. The three themes of the seminar are

(i) singing and social connection (local, global and virtual);

(ii) the health and well-being aspects of social singing and

(iii) what constitutes good practice in social singing in Ireland.

Potential contributors are invited to contact by 15th October 2019. Attendees will have the opportunity to reflect, learn and share experiences of the role of social singing on health and well-being. The day will combine presentations, discussion and experiential elements.

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