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The lectures are hybrid as you can watch online, in person or on replay at a later date. Sign up to watch through the links below.

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Sickle Cell Disease: A Cultural History

6pm, Thurs 01 June 2023

Gresham College, Barnard’s Inn Hall / Online/ Watch Later

Sickle Cell Disease can only be understood in the context of racial politics. Predominantly seen in populations of African heritage, the diagnosis and treatment of this disease from the 1920s onwards draws attention to the importance of culture in biogenetic understandings of disease. Medical practices associated with sickle cell disease also shed light on health care disparities and the cultural construction of pain.

These are part of this series: A Cultural History of Disease (Medical History)

Professor Joanna Bourke

Acclaimed cultural historian Professor Joanna Bourke will be exploring six physical maladies that have afflicted people throughout the world: tuberculosis, polio, breast cancer, AIDS, sickle cell disease, and dementia.

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Professor Joanna Bourke is a Fellow of the British Academy and the prizewinning author of 14 books. Read more about her here. 

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