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At the start of the lockdown, there were high profile media stories of Italy’s problems of having too many patients requiring ventilation forcing doctors to make difficult, even impossible, choices. Their distress was palpable and I reflected how we would make these choices in UK given our of low numbers ITU beds. This led me to read about medical triage. I joined a Zoom ethics meeting for my hospital (Croydon) and for the region (SW London). The link below is a summary of some of my thinking on the topic.

The Association of British Neurologists asked Jenny Vaughn and I to speak to their trainees on legal and ethical aspects of the pandemic. This gave us the opportunity to explore various issues via a Zoom lecture.

Adding to the layers of this presentation is its novelty, in lockdown virtual seminars are more present. It is not that they are new, it is more that without competition from lectures and conferences uptake is greater. It forces late adopters to join in. And a Zoom lecture is different from one in the flesh – there is no feeling for whether one is saying anything of interest, no idea of how to use a screen, it is an experience that made me reflect on how I speak in public.

ABN lockdown lectures (2) Jenny Vaughan and Bridget MacDonald 7 May 20

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