Association For Medical Humanities - Promoting critical dialogues between humanities and healthcare

Association For Medical Humanities

Promoting critical dialogues between humanities and healthcare

Who we are

The AMH promotes understandings of both the human condition and practices of patient care through critical dialogue between medicine/healthcare and the arts/humanities.


Dr Joseph O’Dwyer

(President 2016-19 and Acting Treasurer 2016-17)

Joe has worked as a doctor in the NHS for over 30 years. He has always had an interest in medical ethics; becoming a consultant in anaesthesia and pain management stimulated a broader interest in medical humanities and the impact that engagement with the arts might have on the pain experience.   In 2008 he joined the Association for Medical Humanities and in 2012 completed a MA in Medical Humanities at Swansea University. Joe served as the Treasurer of the AMH from 2010-2016 and became President in July 2016 at the AGM in Greenwich. His focus as president will be to strengthen the core structure of the AMH and to increase its value to members.


Linda Turner


Linda is a Senior Teaching Fellow in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton with a MA(Ed) in Literature and Language in Education. She introduced Medical Humanities into year 1 of the BM curriculum in 2008 as a mandatory module and leads an interdisciplinary staff group that teaches options in art, drama, music, creative writing, film and cultural studies to medical students. She has 25 years’ experience of innovative curriculum design and delivery in further and higher education and her own speciality is literature and narrative in medicine. She has presented papers nationally and internationally on curriculum delivery, teaching and learning and Medical Humanities and has supervised research projects in these areas.


AMH Conference 2018 Sofia, Bulgaria

Follow this link for more details on our up coming conference in Sofia, Bulgaria 2018. The Conference is organised by the Association for Medical Humanities (AMH), based in the UK, and the Medical University of Sofia, Bulgaria (MUS). The conference provides a highly interdisciplinary platform for a diversity of perspectives and inquiries...


The Philosophy of Placebo Workshop The LSE Department of Anthropology

A message from LSE Department of Anthropology: We are organising a workshop on the philosophy of placebo, which will be held at Senate House, University of London, on the 26th and 27th of November. We aim to bring together philosophers, cognitive scientists, artists, anthropologists, and clinicians, to explore a number of philosophical issues surrounding the placebo phenomenon. The workshop...


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