The Philosophy of Placebo Workshop The LSE Department of Anthropology

A message from LSE Department of Anthropology: We are organising a workshop on the philosophy of placebo, which will be held at Senate House, University of London, on the 26th and 27th of November. We aim to bring together philosophers, cognitive scientists, artists, anthropologists, and clinicians, to explore a number of philosophical issues surrounding the (more…)

Storytelling for Health 2 International Conference

A message ABMU: We are delighted to announce that ABMU Health Board and the University of South Wales are working together with a range of partners towards the next conference ‘Storytelling for Health 2: Patient Stories’, which will take place on 27th, 28th and 29th June 2019.  We will be narrowing (more…)

Still Born Perfect Paperback – 2018

by Adinda van ‘t Klooster (Author, Illustrator), Karen McCarthy Woolf (Contributor), Wendy Pratt (Contributor), Sally Potter (Contributor), Roger Bloor (Contributor), Jennie Farley (Contributor) Still Born book is an artists’ book by Adinda van ‘t Klooster that aims to break down the taboos around stillbirth. The artist had a stillbirth in (more…)

Student Prizes – Annual Conference – June 27-29 2018

Student Prizes Association for Medical Humanities Annual Conference – June 27-29 2018 Medical University of Sofia   SHADOWS AND ASHES   What might these symbols have to do with health ? This year’s conference theme is how humanities may help patients and their health carers rise from the ashes and (more…)

Shadows and Ashes

Shadows and Ashes is the theme of the next annual conference of the Association for Medical Humanities that takes place in Sofia at the end of June.  For me these words have a particular resonance at present, both singularly and in twain.  I find it interesting that shadows have such (more…)


BMJ has now changed it’s careers section policy and put us as on-line   (more…)

Urgent Medical Humanities Fellowship

The University of Plymouth is looking to recruit two early careers researchers for the following National Productivity Investment Fund Creative Economy Fellowships: Towards a Science of Heritage (Partner: Victoria & Albert Museum, Mentors Professor James Daybell & Professor Eduardo Miranda) And Immersive environments and serious play: New initiatives for patient-practitioner interaction (Partner: (more…)

March Blog – AMH Conference Report

Hello all from your new editor, Lloyd. In this month’s blog, Noorie Banu, a Media student at the University of Greenwich, offers us an account of Cinzia Scorzon’s keynote on East Asian conceptions of the body from the 2016 AMH conference, ‘Body Talk: Whose Language?’: Body Talk: East Asian Perspectives (more…)